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Substructure Superstructure


Electronic plug-ins will no longer be needed. With genius and determination, man's own capacity for adaptation can fit him for new ways of life.

It's a challenge to follow all of the recent breakthroughs in medical research, astronomy, science and industry. For example, national, regional or tribal auto-erotic impulses can now be expressed instantaneously and future improvements are inevitable. Our best "minds" are working on your behalf through distributed non-head-knowledge networks. Most people agree that there never was such a thing as "Central Planning" anyway. Counter-counter-counter internal surveillance-ware allows for penetrating decentralized information management. We can dissect Scientometrics.

Management teams direct the emission of unlimited information. It is world-wide and history wide and for them it's always been more than merely a vocation. Simple-looking devices with built-in antennas draw from omni-directional radiation patterns. What we once erroneously thought of as waves flowing from a broadcaster to a receiver could be better visualized as a simultaneous two-way flood wherein the experts and amateurs exchange equally and are in complete agreement. The field of Deluge Facilitation is one of the fastest-growing in the country.

To create your own global self-sustaining feedback loop erect a wireless pylon in your back yard with your friends or on the fire-escape of your apartment building. Then position your Personal Interpolator and begin contributing to the relative-natural world view.

The new Synchrotron was first synthesized from protozoa in 1938 and can increase your pschotomimetics throughput by up to 40%, with minimal equipment changes. Imagine higher throughput without increasing maintenance or energy costs. You will be able to modulate an uninterrupted stream of eye-catching images of extraordinary plasticity and vividness accompanied by a personal sense of civic engagement.

But for all of the advances of modern times, the early apparatus for speaking through an Australopithecus scull has yet to be improved upon and ancient Greek heads continue to prompt many user testimonials. On the other hand, the reverse-engineered troglodyte (Homodiluvian), operates in a state of chronic emergency, whether natural or otherwise: Internal software must be constantly rescued and re-archived in new models. Moving these systems from one proprietary structure to another is a working definition of progress. But of course, backwards-compatibility does somewhat limit evolutionary options. The drive to translate negative internalities into marketable products has been the family-business' strategy from the beginning.

The new cave, the new club, the new mate dragged across the high-resolution virtual tundra for rough procreation. Cro-Magnon grammar may be best-suited for praising newness.

Bluster-born social rank was the first invisible currency: petit coups, the threat of injury, allies investing in futures. Like a wave through a stock exchange, though, with hand-signals, shouts and vibrating pagers, values were adjusted. Economists and Political Scientists still recall this antique shibboleth for their purposes.

Fortunately, after two billion years of attrition, inventions such as the "esprit de corps" pump have replaced more primitive action-producing tools. Simply place a remote magnetic addler on the head of each young man and pump! Our past methods for doing this now seem barbaric. But modern advances don't only concern men. Reflecting today's up-to-date life-styles, and in spite of the persistence of synchronized ovulation cycles, merit-based gender-blind subjugation processes have become a science.

There will always be some new product advertising itself as the "ultimate appetite multiplier". Among the many other new items designed maximize our intentions are: the self-cleaning cuspidor which can materialize and foul itself (ranks high in opinion polls and viewer counts), a wilderness-guidance mechanism for the home wilderness, machetes with voice-recognition technology, the faith-perpetuating personal faith object and methamphetamines. A recent star of the Technology Expositions is the undefeated robotic checker champion (42,000 matches), often seen taking time out from his work for what we would call "pleasure". I am reminded on such occasions of the words of a famous Australopithecus: "the smaller the brain-case, the greater the attraction".

We once had very little time for enjoyment as managing the physical world was a full-time job: digging holes, hammering nails, applying bandages. Information generation, perception and analysis have been coordinated at last. A good example is found in the field of personal psychology where cross-purposes have been completely integrated. Crisis, neurosis and therapy now form a unified algorithm monitored by invisible jurors in this putative internal world. They say it's more satisfying than ever.

Many of history's most prominent architects and city planners have mixed fossil material into the concrete of building foundations, bridges and public walkways. Specimens from Australopithecus, Homo Erectus, Homo Habilus, Neanderthal, Heidelberg Man, Peking Man, Dryopithecus, Rhodesian Man and Homo Ergaster can often be found by simply digging a hole in a random spot. You may be given an enhanced awareness not only of our advanced productive forces but also recent culturally and socially progressive trends.

Let us now, briefly, attempt to develop an overall conceptual / analytic framework that can capture the important characteristics of relative-newness in a manner that is useful both for nominal specialists and the wider audience. Humans are distinguished by the rich diversity of our cultural expressions and we should never understate the contributions of the "lay practitioner". I don't need to remind you that steam engine locomotives and the telegraph were originally clots in our throats and they can never really be completely removed. Today as never before even seven-year-old boys and girls can contribute to the intoxicating pace of innovation.

The most accurate perspective, I believe, on the origins of this flood of relative-newness is a hybrid of the top-down and bottom-up approaches. Seen in this way, a tape worm is a collaborator and not just an awkward necessity. At any time of day we can see vector inventory and development in underground and aboveground breeding sites. Chances are, you yourself are a member of an inspection team and are perhaps in a video-conference with "collaborators" at this very moment.

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